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Amoena_KatyKaty bra by Amoena:

  • Every day, seamless and easy fitting
  • Innovative MICROSENSE microfiber pocket fabric is ultra soft and breathable for ultimate comfort
  • Naturexx® fabric finish offers moisture wicking benefits
  • Constructed to support and stabilize the sides without the need for side bones.
  • Padded, adjustable elastic straps; straps increase in width to maintain support in larger sizes



Radiant ImpressionsRadiant Impressions Breast Forms:

Virginia’s Premier Supplier!

Silhouette is pleased to offer Radiant Impressions Scanning Technology by Trulife for an artfully sculpted custom fit prosthesis.  The new Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis is revolutionary in size, weight and appearance.

Each prosthesis is sculpted for a one of a kind custom hand-crafted fit, and features:

  • Custom molded to fit only your body
  • Lightweight construction for comfort and compliance
  • A sense of wholeness
  • The ability to be worn in a non-pocketed bra
  • A close match to many skin tones with 30+ colors from which to choose

Durable construction allows the prosthesis to be worn while swimming, running and during other physical activities.

Radiant ImpressionsTrulife uses FastScan, a unique, portable, 3D laser scanning system using a handheld laser scanning wand.

You and your fitter will  determine if you are a good candidate taking into account  your health and medical insurance coverage .

For more information on Radiant Impressions use the
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