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Every woman’s experience is unique to them. Our goal is to offer solutions that are tailored to your body , and lifestyle.  We offer breast forms, breast enhancers, leisure forms and swim forms from leading manufacturers such as Amoena®, Trulife®, Anita®, and American Breast Care®.

Our certified fitting consultants will help you choose the right fit for you!

Breast Prosthesis

Types of Forms:

Leisure Breast Form

A leisure form is suited for wear after surgery while the breast wall is healing and for temporary wear during leisure activities.

Leisure Breast Forms

Silicone Breast Form

Wearing a breast form will help restore the weight that’s missing from your chest wall and will enhance your overall appearance and self confidence.  Not wearing a form may cause physical complications.  restoring your bodies natural balance will help prevent shoulder drop and lower back and neck pain.

Below are a few of the different shapes available in sizes 3 to 17.

Breast Forms

PurFit Adjustable Enhancer

This form is designed for wear during the reconstruction tissue expansion process; this form is extra gentle to sensitive areas as it helps balance out a woman’s silhouette.

  • Volume is easily adjustable with fiberfill pocket on the back of the breast form so it can be expanded or reduced in size to match a woman’s existing breast.
  • Softest silicone insert for the look and feel of natural breast tissue; quickly warms to the skin temperature and fills the cup of a bra perfectly.
  • Removable textile cover is fully washable and extra soft for often sensitive skin; fiber fill is breathable and kind to skin.
  • Ultra lightweight for optimum day-long comfort.
  • Volume can be adjusted to compensate for weight gain or loss.  Silicone shell can also be worn separately.

PurFit Enhancer


Shapers are often necessary to provide symmetry after reconstruction.

Breast Shapers

Breast Prosthesis Shapers

Swim Form

Swim forms are safe to wear while swimming in the pool, ocean and in the hot tub.

Swim Form


Featured Product:
Radiant ImpressionsRadiant Impressions Breast Forms:

Virginia’s Premier Supplier!

Silhouette is pleased to offer Radiant Impressions Scanning Technology by Trulife for an artfully sculpted custom fit prosthesis.  The new Radiant Impressions Custom Breast Prosthesis is revolutionary in size, weight and appearance.

Each prosthesis is sculpted for a one of a kind custom hand-crafted fit, and features:

  • Custom molded to fit only your body
  • Lightweight construction for comfort and compliance
  • A sense of wholeness
  • The ability to be worn in a non-pocketed bra
  • A close match to many skin tones with 30+ colors from which to choose

Durable construction allows the prosthesis to be worn while swimming, running and during other physical activities.

Radiant ImpressionsTrulife uses FastScan, a unique, portable, 3D laser scanning system using a handheld laser scanning wand.

You and your fitter will  determine if you are a good candidate taking into account  your health and medical insurance coverage .

For more information on Radiant Impressions use the
link below:


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